Author Topic: Most recent Obsolete IHG Version:  (Read 9829 times)

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Most recent Obsolete IHG Version:
« on: April 25, 2016, 07:25 pm »
Latest IHG Version

Current Version:

ImageHost Grabber v1.7.0.3

To install, click the link and follow the prompts.

To download, right click to download, then "save link as"

Important note: It is recommended that you uninstall your previous version of IHG, restart Firefox, and then install the new version. Your custom settings will not be changed.

Maintenance release:
Added reference block to support listing IHG with Pale Moon browser add-ons. Try it!
Changed default preferences to assist new users as follows:
 - default ON to "Create a sub-directory with document title inside the target directory"
 - default ON to "Prefix filenames to reflect page order"
It is felt that new IHG users will be better served by the changes in these defaults.
This does not change the settings for current users. Your existing settings are preserved.

Previous Obsolete Version:

ImageHost Grabber v1.7.0.2

Finalized the move from our .EU forum to our .ORG forum.
Includes updating the hostf.xml server to the new .ORG host file server.
Fixes the IHG menu issue encountered on MAC OS (and maybe Linux too)
Added and modified support to some forums as follows:
 - gettyimages (added)
 - (added)
 - theplace2 (added)
 - hootersgirls.tumblr (added)
 - gelbooru (modified)
 - flicker group (modified)
 - SMF (modified)
Finalized (almost) the 'Queueing' option in the filter dialog window
Removed capability for ZIP files and other non-image file types
'Help' files updated

If you have any trouble, read the following:

I am repeating the following post from our "How To" forum on how to remove all traces of IHG from your browser. You should follow these steps if you have any trouble installing the new IHG version and have any problems. It is possible that installing OVER may cause problems of not updating the host file, leaving you with no host file. If a manual host file update from your Host File editor does not cure the problem, then follow the procedure below, and then reinstall as described above:

(1.) Select Tools --> Add-ons and locate ImageHost Grabber's listing.

(2.) Click "Remove" and follow the prompts including restarting your browser.

(3.) After restart, type "about:config: in your address bar.

(4.) Then type "imagegrabber" in the search bar.

(5.) Right click and select "reset" on each imagegrabber entry.

(6.) Restart your browser again.

(7.) To confirm complete removal, follow steps #3-4 again and if you see no entries then IHG is completely gone.