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How to Make a Host Request
« on: April 23, 2016, 11:52 pm »
Sometimes someone finds a new host, sometimes it's a host that's stopped working. Always give a link to whatever isn't working.

You don't need to write a 10 page essay on what's happened or what the code in the hostf happens to be at the moment.
If you've got some way on writing a solution yourself please post it in code tags (makes it easier to c & p) and ask for help. Otherwise follow the example.

EXAMPLE REQUEST - This one's been solved! {Just now (October 2016) this host is being a pest. It was solved when this post was first written!}
REQ: - this is the Subject line of your post
{It's stopped working / It's a new host}
thread / link: - The page the images are on -               One of the images
END OF EXAMPLE - that's it, that's all that's required.

It really helps if the one of the images is the first or second from the gallery you give us a link to.

Extra Bit: Sometimes we get a request to solve a host that needs a login and password. Be prepared to PM the coders (at the moment that's SenileDog and firewaran) with either details of a temporary account you've set up or your login credentials.

If you don't give a link to a page (not just an image) that doesn't work the coders have nothing to test with.
Sometimes the full size images can be hard to find, always give a link to an image as well
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