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Pale Moon
« on: April 23, 2016, 06:23 pm »
Some time later on this year  IHG will stop working with Firefox. It's a done deal. Simply put, FF are "changing their model", that is, they are going to stop using the routines that allow addons like IHG work with FF. It's going to stop probably thousands of perfectly good addons from working.

Despite lots (and lots, and lots, and lots) of messages of concern from the addon developers (including us!) that's not going to change. IHG will stop working on FF.

There is a solution for IHG users

There is a FF 'fork' called Pale Moon.

Pale Moon looks and feels like FF but there is one significant difference. They are committed to keeping the current FF method of allowing addons and the browser to talk to each other. This means that IHG will continue to work on Pale Moon. Pale Moon do security updates, just like FF. They also have a 'Migration Tool' which transfers your FF profile (bookmarks, addons, passwords etc) from FF to Pale moon. It worked for me. FF and Pale Moon also work fine when installed together. There are NO conflicts. I've got FF open but I'm posting this using Pale Moon.

Yes, we know that there are other FF based browsers.

Update 13 March 2016: Take Note - our two most prolific solution providers, Firewaran and SenileDog both use Pale Moon, and sing it's praises.