Author Topic: IHG doesn't work! Read this first  (Read 1292 times)

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IHG doesn't work! Read this first
« on: April 23, 2016, 06:09 pm »
There are two possible issues:

1) If you've got IHG from Firefox add-ons – it's out of date! You need the current version, many solutions won't work without it. There are two parts to the IHG addon, the IHG code and the hostf – the hostf contains the solutions enabling IHG to work. The hostf gets updated / added to regularly. Get the current version of IHG here: The most recent hostf will be installed the first time you use IHG

2) FireFox is changing: If you're using FF43 or 44 you can make IHG work but from about 45 onwards all add-ons will need signing.

IHG will not be signed.
Firefox will kill IHG soon anyway so it's not worth while getting it signed.

There is a lot of discussion about Firefox and it's change of model elsewhere on the forum (see the archives). The best advice for IHG users is quite simple -

Use Pale Moon for IHG -

FireFox and Pale Moon work fine when installed together. They also work without problems if they're both open at the same time.

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