Author Topic: What to do if you have the last IHG, last hostf.xml, and cannot download  (Read 359 times)

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What to do if you have the last version of IHG, the last version of hostf.xml, and you cannot download from a specific target host:

01) verify you host is not in the pipeline for update and you did not miss a very recent update in:

02) from host file editor, in "select hosts ..." drop down box, select your host and verify it is the last update

03) Clear cache in your browser, close your browser, start your browser, check your target host

04) close your browser, shutdown your computer, wait 30 seconds, re-start your computer, start your browser, check your target host

05) in your browser, deactivate or disable all your add-ons or extensions except IHG of course, check your target host

06) uninstall IHG, uninstall your browser, re-start, install your browser, install IHG, update from last hostf.xml, check your target host

07) post a request with the following information:

What we are going to need from you if you want us to troubleshoot your configuration:

   a) If your OS is Windows, confirm us your Windows username is made only of Latin Characters, not Cyrillic or kanji or other non-Latin characters.
   b) name and version of your OS

   c) name and version of your browser

   d) version of IHG

   e) tell us if you can download from another host, for example, from a set from this page: