Author Topic: Anyone else have problem where IHG messes with restored tab at startup?  (Read 242 times)

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I'm using latest IHG with latest FireFox 49.0.1 (add-on signing disabled).
The add-on works very well.

But I'm running into a strange bug.

So FireFox has a "restart" button.
It preserves your existing tabs, and loads them again when the browser starts up.

But when IHG is installed, it causes this weird glitch.
After restart, IHG causes the first tab with focus stays unloaded (the others, without focus, load fine).
It just sits there as a blank page.

It's definitely IHG causing it.
As soon as I disable the add-on, I don't have this problem.
Enable the add-on, and problem appears again.

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Just tested Firefox Nightly 49.0.1 with IHG and I cannot reproduce your problem.

But I have session manager, it might interfere.

I guess the "restart" button you are talking about is restart with addons disabled... if not describe where you find it.

You should also consider Firefox Dev Edition, so nice because it can be used at the same time as PaleMoon or another Firefox:, it is even more in the future 51.0a2.

Cheers, SD

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I noticed your post after I posted my question here:

My issue is not exactly the same as your issue, but it is similar in that it has to do with IHG affecting tabs loaded from previous browsing, after restarting. In my case it is the tab titles of unloaded tabs that are getting messed up. Whereas you are using Firefox, I am using Pale Moon 27.

This is why I ask the developer if the extension contains code that would affect tab loading. It seems very bizarre, because you wouldn't think that an image grabbing extension would have any effect on tab loading or tab titles at start up.