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More on the Host File Editor
« on: October 03, 2016, 05:36 pm »
Before a solution is added to the official hostf the code will be posted in "code tags" as a reply in the original topic.

Code: [Select]
This is in tags

in between
tags is
highlighted when
you click
on "Select"
This makes it
easy to copy.
On a Windows system click "Select" then do a Ctrl "C" (^C)
Click on "select" and all of it is highlighted so that it can be copied easily. To get it into your personal hostf before an update, open the Editor (right click>Image Host Grabber>Host File Editor).

Click the down arrow in the top right corner, scroll down the list until you find the host you want to change the click on it. The current code will appear in the editor window. Copy and paste the new code then click Save Changes. Job done.

This goes into slightly more detail than  firewaran posted here: