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« on: April 12, 2016, 06:00 pm »
Guidelines & Rules for the Softcore section

In addition to the Global Rules, the following specific rules apply in this section.

You may post the following type of material:

Post mainstream softcore photo sets with an emphasis on the attractiveness and sexiness of the models. Masturbation is permitted in Softcore but sets involving the use or insertion of toys belong in Hot & Heavy. Sets depicting intercourse are not permitted. Multiple models are permitted as long as they are not engaging in sexual activity.

The following studios are ALWAYS posted in this section: avErotica, Femjoy, Met-Art, Nubiles, Stunning18.

Overall rules:
  • You must start a new topic for every set. Multiple sets posted in one topic are not allowed.
  • Collections belong in the Collections section of the Adult Photo Content category.
  • You are allowed to start a maximum of 10 topics every 6 hours (per section).
Topic Titles:
  • Add the name of the model(s) first, followed by the title of the set.
  • It is preferred to also add the number of images, resolution and date of publication (if available) in that order.
  • Resolution is required in the title if the topic is not posted in maximum available resolution. It would be nice if you include it anyway. :)
  • Do not obfuscate topic titles by the use of numbers and punctuation in place of the letters.
  • Pick the correct prefix from the drop-down list. If it's not present, request it here. Then use the last choice on the list: needs_topic.
Content Requirements:
  • All images must be clickable thumbnails.
  • Thumbnails must appear in correct sequential order.
  • Full-sized images must be a minimum of 1500px in either dimension, unless larger images are not available.
  • When reposting a set you must re-upload and use different image links.
  • All images must be posted on the same image host.
  • Cover photos may be posted on different image-host.
  • Thumbnails must link to images in the highest available resolution. If not, you must include the words "medium resolution" in your post.
Posting previously posted sets:
  • You may not repost a set until the same date one month later, GMT.
  • You may start a new topic after that time has passed.
Exceptions to reposting limitations above:
  • You may ignore the previous reposting rules provided ALL of the following:
  • The set was not posted using maximum available resolution.
  • If a maximum resolution download link was provided you may repost only if the download link is also dead.
  • The set is not complete because some or all of the images are missing (taken down).
  • You must repost your set using maximum available resolution.
  • You may include a download link but you still must still post in maximum available resolution.
  • You must repost your set in the original topic.
  • You must repost your set using a different image host.