Author Topic: IHG General Process: From a request to an automatically updated hostf  (Read 638 times)

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This is how it works presently in 95% of cases and it is a long process from 01 to 11:

Moderators are artfulbodger, firewaran, and SenileDog
Solvers are firewaran and SenileDog

01) Somebody make a request including a link to the problem thread.
02) If the link is to a model under the age of 18, moderators let you know about it, and likely will delete it.
03) if it is not a good valid request with a link like explained here , moderators diplomatically bring you to the right path.

04) Solvers test it and check if it is a genuine request, is it broken or not.
05) if it is working for any of the moderators, they let you know it is working for them, and often help you to troubleshoot why it is not working for you, and bring you to a working solution.

06) submitter or watchers of the thread, will update manually hostf following this process:
07) somebody acknowledge it is working, usually the submitter.
08) nobody acknowledge it is working, solvers wait a while, and decide they know what they are doing, and put it anyway in the the update thread, or sometimes they forget about it, and host is never updated with the new solution.

09) Solvers, most of the times put it in a forum section we call "solution for addition to the hostf.xml", (should be hostf.php, now. link is

10) Our server administrator will update the database of the hostf on a periodic basis when he sees the list is getting big.

11) if you have automatic update, your hostf is replaced with the solution from Solvers.