Author Topic: Goodbye IHG -- I'm resigning  (Read 531 times)

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Goodbye IHG -- I'm resigning
« on: July 18, 2016, 04:41 pm »
This should come as no surprise to long time IHG users who came over to Hot Honeys with us when we moved. I have been discussing my situation that I no longer have the time or interest in continuing to support IHG, and posted many times that I wanted to get IHG a new home.

With the transition of IHG support to Hot Honeys I have successfully achieved my goal in providing IHG with a future that will allow the IHG user community to continue to use IHG and get host file updates.

At this time I feel that my period at the helm of IHG has come to a successful conclusion and that I can pass on leadership of IHG to others who are capable and motivated in continuing its future support and updates.

Artfulbodger is now the lead IHG moderator and you may contact him for any and all concerns related to IHG. I will continue to help Artfulbodger if the need arises.

There are a few more details I have left out because they are not for me to say, except that you can expect a few further developments...

When this transition is complete I will be closing out my current member account and I expect this post will be my final post.

As for me personally, I like the new forum and I like the content so I will continue on as a regular member using a different account name. In fact I have posted content from time to time using my other account and I expect to continue contributing content.

I prefer to sever my ties with IHG completely so please forgive me if I do not reveal my other member name. I'm sure you will enjoy the content I post and I would like to have the privacy that other members enjoy, please do not speculate about the identity of my content posting account. I will continue to be part of the future of Hot Honeys, but only as a content provider and of course will enjoy the content that others post.

So to sum it up, I am leaving IHG with Artfulbodger in charge. Please refer all IHG related issues to him, and in the near future my "Greg" account will be terminated so that I can pursue my future as being a happy forum member with no responsibilities except to enjoy the forum and contribute my share of new content.

As a last final comment, Artfulbodger knows how to contact me directly if there are any emergency issues he needs help with, but other than that my involvement with IHG is at an end and I am happy that it will continue on in good hands!

So goodbye everybody and remember I'm not leaving Hot Honeys, I'm just moving on to become a regular member with a different username. Good luck all!

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Re: Goodbye IHG -- I'm resigning
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2016, 06:42 pm »
Thank you Greg for your many years of service to IHG and good luck on your future endeavors.

We are glad that you will remain and continue to enjoy and post content at Hot Honeys under your new username. Your work as a content provider is also sincerely appreciated!

(Greg will remain in a temporary assignment as an IHG moderator until our new moderators are up to speed.)