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Thread Sucker FAQ & Forum_styles
« on: May 24, 2016, 04:55 pm »
This was originally posted by SenileDog. It got lost so I've made it a stickie. Art

What is the Thread Sucker?

   It is process/mechanism to download pics on a paginated website.
   work in progress ...

What is needed for the Thread Sucker to work?

   an element <forum id="..."> ... </forum> for your targeted website.
   This element goes into an xml file with the name forum_styles.xml.

I would like the Thread Sucker to work on a website, what do I do?

   First read when can I use the Thread Sucker.
   Then you can make a request in
   by following these rules:

Where is forum_styles.xml located?

   By default, for Windows users, but skip this and go there if you want to see it with Host File Editor

   or download this bat file: fsloc.bat, which is here:
   so now in a cmd prompt, reached with winkey R > cmd > OK > you can type:

   echo %mypmfs%
   echo %myfffs%   

   you could also get everything from the registry, but I digress...

Where can I get the last version of forum_styles.xml?

   you can dowload the last forum_styles.xml from (you have to login to see the link therefore download it)

When can I use the Thread Sucker?

   you can use the Thread Sucker on a website when you can already download images with (Get all pics on page or Select pics on page) and your targeted website has a pagination system, usually identified, in the lower part with page 1, page 2 , ... and sometimes next link or a sequence of numeric digit 1 2 3 4 ...

How can I use the Thread Sucker?

   go to page n of your targeted web page with n >= 1

   right-click on your browser > Suck your current thread
   enter where you want to download the thread > click on select folder
   enter first page > OK, enter last page > OK, can be the same btw
   watch the magic, have a cup of your favorite beverage

How do I update the Thread Sucker?

   element <forum id="..."> ... </forum> does not go in hostf.xml
   You cannot use Host File Editor to update, be patient, in a near future we might get an editor.
   Use an editor like notepad++ to cut and paste the code to forum_styles.xml, (at the end right before </root> is fine), save your file

Thread Sucker is grayed out, What can I do?
  • If you are not on page 2, goto page 2.
  • If it is still grayed out, restart your browser, goto page 2.
  • If it is still grayed out, download the last forum_styles.xml. instructions in this FAQ
  • If it is still grayed out, restart your browser, goto page 2.
  • If it is still grayed out, post a request, but this time we need name and version of your browser, version of IHG.

I want to know more about Thread Sucker, what are the basics?

   if you want to know what's under the hood (or the bonnet), read

Who created the Thread Sucker?

   this is a work in progress ... +    many IHG folks, and more recently firewaran who gave us "universal with page"
Code: [Select]
<forum id="universal with page">
<searchpattern><![CDATA[function(threadURL) {
    var Strings = {};
    Strings.orEmpty = function( entity ) {
        return entity || "";

    var sParts = threadURL.match(/(^https?:\/\/.+page[=|\/]?)(\d+)(.+)?/);
    var sNextPage = sParts[1] + (threadsucker_Globals.linkIndex) + Strings.orEmpty(sParts[3]);

    return sNextPage;   

How do I know the Thread Sucker was succesful?

   In How to use the Thread Sucker, you had to provide a folder where to download your pictures,
   check there, you should see sub folders named page x to page y, x being your first page, y your last page.

firewaran, Greg, and all, feel free to pitch in, add, correct, suggest, is a work in progress. SD
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