Author Topic: IHG doesn't work! Read this first  (Read 3539 times)


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IHG doesn't work! Read this first
« on: March 10, 2016, 06:42 pm »
There are two possible issues:

1) If you've got IHG from Firefox add-ons it's out of date! You need the current version, many solutions won't work without it. There are two parts to the IHG addon, the IHG code and the hostf the hostf contains the solutions enabling IHG to work. The hostf gets updated / added to regularly. Get the current version of IHG here: The most recent hostf will be installed the first time you use IHG

2) FireFox is changing: If you're using FF43 or 44 you can make IHG work but from about 45 onwards all add-ons will need signing.

IHG will not be signed.
Firefox will kill IHG soon anyway so it's not worth while getting it signed.

There is a lot of discussion about Firefox and it's change of model elsewhere on the forum. The best advice for IHG users is quite simple -

Use Pale Moon for IHG -

FireFox and Pale Moon work fine when installed together. They also work without problems if they're both open at the same time.
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Re: IHG doesn't work! Read this first
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 12:07 am »
Exactly my thoughts. Not worth the trouble to buy a few more weeks or a month. They intend to take a gun and stick it in our mouth and shoot us dead. And you wanna live one more month?

I'm not wasting my time playing games with FF any more. They should just name FF "Chrome" and get it over.